God In The Song Of Birds by Amon Saba Saakana


God In The Song Of Birds by Amon Saba Saakana


This is Saakans's third book of poetry: the first, SUN SONG, was published in 1973 by the now deceased poetryophile, Paul Breman; the second, TONES & COLOURS, by this press in 1985. The poetry in this book was written in the UK in 1997-1999, and Trinidad & Tobago during the period of 2002-2011. The tone of the poetry is primarily narrative and impressionistic. Saakana records his confrontation with hilltop valleys, impressions of people & landscape, flora & fauna, truth &lie, all, as he says. "in the making of man." Yet the book is as much about the Pan-African world, as its about the specific of a community of spirit in Trinidad.  

"life has led to points of crossing

in the desert where knowledge

grows like date palms in summer"

A large part of the texts is the celebration of woman in her primordial strengths as mother, wife, daughter, seeker of light &equilibrium in a world of unchanged manpower, violence, rape and abuse. Yet as mother, housemaker & lover she plays an epicentral role in Saakana's poetic world. 

Inside: Afterwords by Poet Laureate Eintou Springer, poet-writer-folklorist-performer Faustin Charles. 

ISBN: 9781872596228

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